Ancient Solid Gold Star Map Found In Peru

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Although school curriculum’s, historical publishing’s, permitted TV documentaries, and even national museums… All conform to a dreary, limited historical tale, in which modern archaeology dictates all.

We feel, evidence to suggest that a lost civilisation, once lived, flourished, and built incredible, as yet, unexplained structures all over our planet, is now, overwhelming.

We have endeavoured to explore, unravel and describe to the world, this unimaginably enormous array of impressive, incredibly ancient feats of stone building.

By doing so we feel we have demonstrated, that not only is academia severely lacking any explanation, or even permitted study of these features… but that this lost civilisation, before their mysterious disappearance, were clearly far in advance of our own current architectural, agricultural and even technological knowledge.

And while the world has begun to awaken to the reality, of this groups past existence, we have been busy attempting to uncover just what they were building, who they could have been, and why they were clearly infatuated with, “The Stars?”

It should be clear to anyone who has explored these unexplained ancient structures, that a common re-occurrence among all, is the inclusion of constellations. Whether that be within the alignment of said builds, or indeed etched into the architecture itself. Their obsession, and indeed the importance of them is clear.

Why would a clearly highly advanced past civilisation, have been so obsessed with the stars?
If one ponders this question, without the clouded, primitive belief-based explanations and motives academia puts forward, it is a question that becomes highly compelling.

In Qorikancha Cusco, the Golden star disc once rested, once part of a large star map, although funded scholars have seemingly been unable, to describe its obvious depictions, many individual researchers, have conveniently deciphered this disk with ease.

The Golden star map, according to an Inca elder, is a map of the sky where their ancestors and Viracocha came from.
It has been investigated by academics for over the last 70 years, although this research bared little fruit. Its detail was masterfully produced on one enormous hammered gold sheet, and is believed to have been a mere piece of map once far larger…

How did this ancient people know so much about the stars and the universe around us? Why were they so obsessed with stars, were the Incas visited by beings from space?
Perhaps one day, we will find out.

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