2-Million-Year-Old Doll Found In Idaho

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In 1889 this clay doll was brought up by a well drill from a depth of 320 feet. The figurine was found under several different strata including fifteen feet of lava basalt.

According to standard evolutionary thinking, the stratum at this depth is about 2 million years old. It’s called the Nampa Figurine.

Several questions arise:

1. Are the techniques for determining the age of an object wrong? If so, how does this affect all other historical discoveries?

2. If the layer in which the doll was found is 2 million years old. How did a doll that is not from the same period get into this rock layer?

3. If the doll is 2 million years old, how evolved were humans at that time? According to mainstream science, there were only the first apes of the species ‘homo’ at that time.

Because science cannot (or wants to) answer any of the above questions, it has found a simple solution: This finding is simply ignored or dismissed as impossible.


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