Inventor Who Has Developed A Device That Lets Any Car Drive 100 Miles Per Gallon Mysteriously Dies

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Some people say Thomas Ogle from the United States designed a system for any car that allowed the vehicle to travel more than 100 miles per gallon without any carbon emissions back in 1977. Others say that story is nothing more than a myth. However, one thing is for sure is that Ogle passed away mysteriously just months after his work came to light.

Ogle Survived Shooting Attempt But Died Suspiciously Just Months Later
What is even more strange is the fact that Ogle was said to have survived one attempt to take his life, only to succumb it just months later under circumstances that very suspicious.

Three years before his death Ogle had spoken to a journalist, this was in 1978. He was asked, “Are you afraid of oil companies or the Arabs coming after you?” Ogle gave the reply, “No. Not anymore. I’ve had too much publicity. If I’d kept my invention a secret I might be worrying. But there’s nothing to worry about anymore.” Little did Ogle know but this wasn’t true, three years later he would be dead.

Ogle Drove a Car 205 Miles on Two Gallons of Gas
The story began on April 30, 1977, when Ogle revealed to the world he could drive a car 205 miles on only two gallons of gas, effectively meaning he could achieve 100MPG.

The test was carried out using a Ford Galaxie from 1970. Left unmodified the vehicle gave around 13 miles per gallon. Due to this, the vehicle was heavily inspected as it was thought Ogle had hidden fuel tanks inside the vehicle, but he hadn’t. During the test drive, a witness sat at the side of Ogle and swore that the vehicle did not stop to refuel in any way during the test.

The technology invented by Ogle was so marvelous it was published in the El Paso Time along with other magazines and publications. This meant the invention of Ogle received attention around the nation.

Ogle Patented His Fuel Economy System
The Vapor Fuel System was given US Patent #4,177,779, said to be a “fuel economy system for an internal combustion engine that would revolutionize the auto industry.”

The fuel economy system was described to be used in an internal combustion engine to be installed in a vehicle and would do away with the need for use of a conventional carburetor, gas tank or fuel pump. It was described as working through engine vacuum drawing vapors of fuel from the vapor tank, through the vapor conduit along with the equalizer, which is located in the intake manifold inside the engine.

The tank was made from heavy-duty steel in order for it to be able to withstand the volume of pressure from the vacuum. The air inlet valve coupled up to provide control of the accelerator pedal. The vapor equalizer distributed the air and vapor mixture into the cylinders for combustion. It was said that thanks to this the vehicle had lean fuel mixtures while offering a gas mileage of more than one hundred miles per gallon.

Professor Gerald Hawkins from Texas A&M University, a mechanical engineer, was extremely interested in the invention of Ogle. He said, “This is no hoax.” He went on to say, “Ogle eliminated the carburetor and achieved what the gasoline internal combustion engine was supposed to do all along – to operate off fumes.”

His Invention Was Named the Oglemobile
The invention of Ogle was given the term “Oglemobile”, with those in the know stating that the invention would revolutionize the automobile industry. International backers, vehicle manufacturers, along with oil companies were among those interested in Ogle along with his invention.

One financier, C.F. Ramsey, asked to purchase the patent from Ogle along with the marketing rights. Eventually, the pair came to an agreement, signing a contract allowing the inventor to continue working on the device with the backing of Ramsey, who would then take over the patent along with distribution and development rights of the Oglemobile.

Research and Funding Stopped After Ogle Opened First of His Car Centers
However, in 1978, just months after an interview with Ogle the backer sold to Advance Fuel Systems Inc. This was something that had been planned between AFS and Ramsey, but which Ogle had no idea about. Laytner, who was interviewing Ogle said:

“Tom was a bit nervous in my later phone calls, but all seemed to be well. He would continue receiving $5,000 a month along with funds for research and development. He’d also get 6 percent royalties when the device came to market. Advance Fuel’s own engineers would develop the ‘Oglemobile’ for marketing and in April 1979, a still very ambitious Tom Ogle opened the first of a planned 1,000 nation-wide diagnostic car centers.”

The monthly checks soon stopped, not long after Ogle opened his first car center. To his dismay, Ogle was told he would not get any royalties due to the fact AFS were working on a similar device, which was nothing to do with Ogle.

Ogle Collapsed and Died on August 17, 1981
Ogle was shot on April 14, 1981, with the assailant never being apprehended. He survived the shooting, but on August 18 Ogle went to the home of a friend after he had been out drinking and collapsed. He was pronounced dead at the El Paso Eastwood Hospital. The death of Ogle was recorded as accidental/suicide with the coroner’s report suggesting he had taken alcohol along with prescription pain medication.

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