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Witnesses in a strange and unexplained UFO case claim an alien was shot dead at an U.S. Air Force Base in New Jersey.

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Full video is at the end of the article. Scroll down.

Ever since this case was presented to the public, numerous UFO researchers have tried getting to the bottom of it with little to no success.

As the story goes, in the early hours of January 18, 1978, after a night of heavy UFO activity over the McGuire Air Force Base near Trenton, NJ, an extraterrestrial being ended up losing its life on the tarmac.

Details of the case have been submitted by one Major George A.

Filer III, who was an Air Force Intelligence Officer at that time. According to his testimony, a small, grey alien had been shot by a military policeman after the being had left the safety of its spacecraft.

While he was driving near the base, the policeman noticed the UFO activity was on the high-end of the spectrum and was already in a state of high alert when he came upon a “small being with a large head, black eyes and a very slender body.” Believing they were being invaded, he panicked, got out of his car, pulled out his .45 caliber handgun and demanded that the being lay down on the ground.

Naturally, the grey alien did not comply so the policeman fired several shots. Wounded, the being climbed the fence into McGuire AFB, took a few more steps and then collapsed on the runway.

Filer did not witness the event firsthand, but was briefed by the head of the command post over at McGuire AFB.

“He was very specific about the fact that an alien from outer space had been shot at Fort Dix, and that he had run away after being wounded, and headed for McGuire,” Filer told UFO investigator Dr. Steven Greer. “Now McGuire and Fort Dix just have a fence between them, and this alien apparently climbed the fence or went under it, and got to McGuire and died out on the end of the runway.”


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Video The Russians conducted an experiment similar to that of Philadelphia

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The Philadelphia experiment is a designation for a classified military experiment that was supposed to take place at the naval base in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1943.

It is one of the most famous military experiments, but many speculations are still underway here, and there are plenty of ambiguities.

That is why he is interested in so many mystery hunters and there are many conspiracy theories in circulation.

The experiment has never been officially confirmed by the US government, and is still surrounded by a series of secrets. So I warn beforehand that it is not necessarily the truth and that.


The experiment has never been officially confirmed by the US government, and is still surrounded by a series of secrets. So I warn beforehand that it is not necessarily the truth and that the whole event should be taken with reserve and distance. The aim of the experiment was to hide or ‘invade’ the USS Eldridge destroyer so that it was hidden not only from the enemy radars but also from the sight of a regular observer. This would give the US a tremendous military advantage in the war. The experiment should include world-renowned scientists such as Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein

The first unsuccessful experiments of this kind were to take place between 1933 and 1940. The project was based on Einstein’s theory of relativity and the use of a combination of gravitational and magnetic fields. The field would merge into one unitary field, which would then change the geometric properties of the space. Even according to official records, Einstein was employed as an adviser in the navy in 1943-1944. According to scientists, huge electric generators bend the light around the object, making it invisible.

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Video 1969 – Alien captured alive during UFO crash

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It appears that the infamous 1969 footage of the crashed UFO is real after all.

This week, footage was leaked to the dark web showing a live alien that was captured after the 1969 UFO crash in the USSR.

The footage of the USSR military men has been dividing the truthseeker community for decades.

Today it seems that the people that thought this footage was real are right. Additional footage was leaked on the dark web that shows that a living alien was captured alive during this event…


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What Is the Truth About the “Mobile Phone 800 Years Old” (video)

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Full video is at the end of the article. Scroll down.

There are countless mysterious artifacts that sit at some table with the best experts trying to decipher them.

From time to time we get a glimpse of some of the weirdest old objects that sometimes just seem just ridiculous to exist.

We have seen ancient artifacts that even resemble today’s objects or machines, such as airplanes or spaceships.

But one of them has unleashed the controversy of its authenticity is the famous “cell phone” 800 years old.

This mysterious object was found in Austria and strangely resembles a cell phone “today”.

The buttons and the display are aligned exactly the same as an old Nokia cell phone.

The numerical keys have ancient Mesopotamian writings known as “cuneiform writing”.


Many conspirators, UFO hunters, websites and YouTube channels have shared their views regarding the old mobile object.

However, recently, the true origin of the “800-year-old cell phone” was finally revealed. The piece of clay is real.

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5,000-Year-Old Egyptian Hieroglyphs Found In Australia Prove History Is Wrong

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Full video is at the end of the article. Scroll down.

History is thrown into turmoil as 5,000-year-old Egyptian hieroglyphs are found in Australia. Either plate tectonics have shifted so drastically over the last 5,000 years, or what we knew of the ancient Egyptians may be severely lacking. Either way, it seems that history has been giving the wrong story.

What is even more disturbing is that this has not been the first discovery that debunked current historical records, and that the records seem to need a severe overhaul.

There are of course die-hard sceptics who would never acknowledge the fact that 5,000-year-old Egyptian hieroglyphs were indeed discovered in Australia. It would not be foolish to think so as current historical records does indeed suggest that the Egyptians do not have the capability for trans-continental oceanic voyages.

Thus, it may come as a shock to many to discover that ancient Egyptians may have contact with ancient American civilisations. The discovery was made back in 1992 when a German scientist was performing a series of tests on some very old Egyptian mummies. Test results revealed traces of hashish, tobacco, and cocaine lodged within the hair, skin and bones of the mummies. This may even suggest that the ancient Egyptians knew about the uses of these plants way before anyone else did.

Tabacco and cocaine grew only in the continent which makes up modern America. The question is, how did any of these plants arrive in ancient Egypt long before any Europeans discovered the Americas.

These discoveries are groundbreaking, as they evidently point out that the ancient Egyptians did have the capability for transoceanic travel. This not only means that our current recorded history may be wrong, but also the possibility that there could be other ancient cultures that have developed the capability for long-range sea travel, or even developed other forms of technology or capabilities that we may not be aware of in the history texts.

Upon studying the ancient hieroglyphics, many researchers believe in the authenticity of the glyphs. The glyphs also use a form of ancient Egyptian sentence and grammatical structuring that were only recently discovered.

The glyphs are located within the compounds of the Brisbane Water National Park, Kariong. These hieroglyphic texts could shatter publicly known history and rewrite thousands of historical records.

Known as the Gosford Glyphs, they were actually discovered in the early 1900s, and the roughly 250 stone carvings have been an integral part of the local culture and folklore for about a century.

The writing style of the glyphs is what makes them so unique. They appear to be extremely ancient and used an archaic form of sentence and word structuring that was only used in very early Egyptian dynasties. In fact, the Gosford Glyphs were used so way back that very little records exist, thus attempts to study them have yielded little progress. Most Egyptologists do not even have the ability or knowledge to translate these glyphs.

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Aliens Caught On Camera Spotted In Real Life!

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Full video is at the end of the article. Scroll down.

There are many forms of aliens, with grey aliens being one of the most popular of those sighted on a regular basis. They have captured the attention of countless numbers, with a ton of new sightings cropping up every, single day. This trend shows no sign of slowing, with the internet being flooded with alien videos, both good and bad.

These 5 grey aliens caught on camera and spotted in real life feature some videos that we felt like sharing and we hope you enjoy them. Before we begin, make sure you hit that subscribe button to get notified every day for more amazing content! With this being said, let’s begin!


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What If A Meteor Hits The Earth At The Speed Of Light

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Full video is at the end of the article. Scroll down.

More than four billion space bodies, a.k.a., meteoroids fall into the Earth’s gravity well every day . This moniker covers everything in size greater than interplanetary dust, but less than that of an asteroid. These are small stones in the majority which quickly burn up in the terrestrial atmosphere. Only a few can pass this barrier.

Meteoroids that reach the Earth’s surface are then called meteorites. At the same time they do not pose a particular danger. Although occasionally they can make local residents nervous, as happened recently in Chelyabinsk (2013 in Russia).

But what if we increase the velocity of the meteorite to the speed of light? No particle with mass is actually capable of the speed of light, but in fact, for our purposes we don’t need it. It will be enough simply to “approach the speed” just a little such that the entire solar system will be in shock.

But let’s do this in the proper order: Imagine that we have a round diamond ball 30 meters in diameter, and we have just launched it in the direction of the Earth at a speed of 3,000 kilometers a second. First of all it should be noted that the air in our atmosphere begins to participate in Nuclear Fusion at such velocities.

And with this plasma heating, the process might be able to destroy our diamond sphere entirely before it reach the Earth’s surface. But the Earth will not get the better of us.

This sphere will not fly wide enough and at some point will crash into the Earth. A thousand times more energy will be released during the impact than from the most powerful nuclear weapons of all time. And at the same time the entire region near the point of impact will be wiped clean. But this is boring. It’s only 0.01 of the speed of light.

The crater will be huge. This heat will cause stone to be dispersed at 0.99 the speed of light. Here, relativistic effects are beginning to act. Links that hold the sphere as a single entity completely fail. A diamond meteorite becomes just a bunch of carbon atoms. Moving so fast that a Lorentz contraction flattens the sphere into a pancake.

We would, of course, not be able to notice this visually. Each carbon atom in the sphere carries about 70 billion electronvolts of energy. They’re moving too fast to collide with the air directly and simply pass through it. Molecules of air penetrate through three meters of the sphere and then gets stuck inside. It expands rapidly and reaches the Earth with a greater content of matter than at the beginning of its fall.

When it hits the surface, it disintegrates completely. Rending the Earth, generating a deep and wide cavity and creating a cone-shaped channel through the Earth’s lithosphere. The energy of the collision will crack a hole in the Earth’s crust, and knock out so large a crater that through it you should see the Molten Mantle. The collision will release energy similar to 50 times that of the Chicxulub asteroid (in Mexico) that killed the dinosaurs.

This is enough to cause a mass extinction on the planet, if not the end of all life in general. Would you like to witness such a grand performance? I’d rather not. It’s boring! Let’s add another few nines. 99.9999999 the speed of light. Now, each carbon molecule carries 25 trillion electronvolts of energy.

Which is comparable to particles in the beam of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC, in Switzerland). Under these conditions, all of this will hit the Earth with roughly the kinetic energy of the moon moving in orbit. This is enough to punch a tremendous massive hole in the mantle, and to disturb the Earth’s surface so much that it melts completely.

This with, even greater probability, will put an end to all life on Earth. But, damn it, it’s still not enough! Let’s add just a few more nines. 00.9999 9999 9999 999 999 999 9951% of the speed of light. The speed of the fastest object that has a mass which has been observed by mankind will be obtained, the Oh-My-God particle, as it is colloquially known.

But let’s not blame God for this. The Oh-My-God particle is a proton from space which plowed into the atmosphere over Utah in 1991. And it was moving at almost the speed of light 99 point followed by 21*nine five one percent the speed of light.

The cascade of particles that were formed from its collision could not even be reproduced in the Large Hadron Collider. A similar phenomenon is detected several times a year, and nobody understands how exactly they are produced. It seems that they come from the general direction of the explosion of galaxies.

But what happened there to make them leave in such a hurry, and why didn’t they slow down before they got here? In general, let’s leave this mystery to the scientists and give our diamond ball the velocity of the Oh-My-God particle. Now, this thing will be flying so fast that no modern computer technology can simulate such a situation.

Therefore we cannot know for sure how everything will turn out. But we can roughly outline the picture in general terms. Our diamond ball sweeps through the atmosphere not even noticing it, and disappears into the Earth’s crust. A cloud of expanding plasma with accompanying radiation… diverges from the entry point while energy pulsates outward through the body of the planet.

40 milliseconds later, the entire far side of the planet is expanding outward in the form of a glowing cloud. The diamond meteorite and cascade of particles which it created in its collision with the Earth’s crust… spreads outward through the body of the planet.

The planet starts to glow brighter than the sun from overheating. There will be such an impact so as to knock the earth into another orbit, but it doesn’t matter. The Earth is no more. The precipitated energy is 10,000 times greater than the energy of the planet’s gravitational bound.

Therefore, the Earth explodes in the form of an expanding plasma cloud, and especially energetic flows will jet into space in the direction of the impact. The sun almost chokes on the waves of dust that envelop it, and the surfaces of the nearest planets are clinging to brilliance by the incredible high-energy plasma shockwave.
That’s fireworks for you.


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38 UFOs Pass Across The Moon And Was Filmed by Astronomer In Italy

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Full video is at the end of the article. Scroll down.

This event was captured on July 29, 2018 in Rome, Italy by Alessio and submitted to TBV Investigations who have just released the footage following their investigations.

The witness states: “It was the day after the Red Moon (or Blood Moon) and the weather was clear. To record the passage of the Moon I used the follow equipment:

Sky-Watcher Maksutov SkyMax 127/1500 OTA , T2 ring , Pentax HD DA AF 1.4x rear converter, Pentax K-70.

They don’t look or behave like birds, being the first thing people will say, other than that they’re all flying in the same direction.

I don’t see any wing flaps, I do see one flying slower than others.

Would be good to analyse it more, zoom in on them, change filters etc. VERY INTERESTING CATCH!


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NASA Openly Admits Alien Life Exists

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Full video is at the end of the article. Scroll down.

Aliens—the very famous and no doubt the primitive name which is travelling parallel to our universe.

We as a human being remain in the puzzle of aliens, whether they exist or not. the debate has long history and obviously we didn’t design any of the conclusion.

Time to time there occurred many events which pictured the existence of aliens but again scientists keep on denying or approving the fact—not resulting in any evident clue.

But now in this modern era, scientific revolution has unlocked many locks. NASA—known for its great discoveries and information about the universe adds one more exciting and somehow threatening fact.

The authority has affirmed that Aliens do exist. Yes you heard it right aliens are nothing metaphysical but are real figure.

NASA’s scientist Stofan goes on to say:

“We’re on the verge of things that people have wondered about for millennia. Within all of our lifetimes we’re going to understand that there is life on other bodies in the solar system. We’re going to understand the implications of that for life here on Earth.”

The very next question stuck in our head is what’s next then? Do they going to take over our earth? Well its something still under consideration.


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Something BIG Just Hit The Ocean – And NASA Is Looking For It

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The topic of this article is something big, and despite what NASA and some other people are calling it, we don’t have an actual proof of what it is yet, of what they are calling “a golf cart sized meteorite” that has just crashed down into the ocean and that they are now hunting for, and NASA has gotten involved.

So according to this report on July 2nd, the exploration vessel Nautilus will attempt to locate and recover fragments of a quote “rare large meteorite fall” that was recently observed in NOAA s Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary off the coast of Washington.

Residents of Ocean Shores Washington were startled on the evening of March 7th, when a bright flash lit up the sky and a tremendous boom rattled the sleepy seaside town.

A local resident by the name of Brittany Bryson told The Seattle Times quote “we all thought it was a spaceship”.

So according to scientists and NASA, as well as the Smithsonian who have now gotten involved, well it wasn’t a spaceship but it was definitely a visitor from outer space. From analysis of radar signals they have concluded that it was a meteorite about the size of a golf cart that broke apart and splashed down into the ocean about 16 miles off the coast.

Approximately two tons of fragments are likely scattered over a half mile of sea floor. And this object, they’re saying it’s a meteorite, but you know there’s a lot of speculation that the only reason that they have actually had to come out and admit or at least come up with a cover story of what this could be is, because it was too big of an event and too many people of the public saw it happen.

And of course, we had the massive flash of light, houses rumbling, shaking, there are a ton of videos about this, and so they had to come out and admit that something happened off the coast… and it’s also been said that whatever this object was again assuming it’s a meteor that it is easily “the biggest recorded meteor fall in the United States in 21 years” .

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