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Weird Structure Found In The Center Of Our Galaxy

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Astronomers are intrigued by a strange “string” that have seen. It is a thread that is 2.3 light years long snaking around a supermassive black hole that is in the middle of the Milky Way.
Despite Structure Being Found In 2012 Astronomers Have No Idea What It Is

Astronomers originally found the structure in 2012 but a new photograph has now revealed the long line in the dark middle of the galaxy. Looking closer at it has helped astronomers to be able to narrow down possibilities about what it might be but astronomers are still a long way away from having an answer that is solid.

The new image came from a team of researchers and they produced the image thanks to data taken from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory using the Very Large Array and then used an imaging technique that was novel to help them to clean up the photograph.

It Is The Unknown That Makes Science So Thrilling

To the majority of people, the photograph will look like the mouth of hell, and a string of dental floss is stuck to the teeth of the devil. However, astronomers see it as something that is a mystery that is begging to be answered. Astronomer Jun-Hui Zhao of the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre of Astrophysics in Cambridge said that one part that is thrilling about science is coming across something mysterious that cannot be solved easily.

He went on to say that right now scientists do not have the answer and this is something that is motivating astronomers when it comes to building the next-gen radio telescope, which we can expect to see arrive with technology that is cutting edge.

Coming across long streams of gas or lines of particles that glow in space really is not all that unusual. Structures such as this are called non-thermal radio filament, and they have been seen before in the middle of the galaxy. Many of them are very long but where they came from remains a mystery to astronomers.

In the past, it had been thought that perhaps the structures were related to the magnetic fields of the Milky Way. However, as more of the filaments were found flowing in directions that were odd, this supposition was discarded.
Many Possible Explanations For The String

What is strange about this particular structure is that it looks as though it is tickling Sagittarius A event horizon. This is the huge black hole that is 4 million times the weight of the Sun and sits in the middle of the galaxy. This has brought about some possible explanations that are intriguing to astronomers about why big queues of particles beam light in the radio wave of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Of course, one explanation is that it might just look as though the string is connected to the black hole. It could be nothing more than the equivalent of a hair being laid across the lens of a camera. Astronomers have said that this is something that would be very unlikely.

One of the most well-liked suggestions has been that it is made up of particles that have come from Sgr A. Swirls of particles could have been pulled down into the black hole and this might create a magnetic field that is very strong and it could become a particle accelerator. If particles have been charged at speeds that are ridiculous this could explain away the glowing thin stream.

Another possibility is that the structure might be a cosmic string, but this is less likely but a possibility, as it is a hypothetical object. Cosmic strings are said to be huge one-dimensional topological defect able to form in different vacuum parts when space expands. Essentially they are seen as cracks in space that come about when the Universe stretches.

At the moment astronomers are still gathering evidence that would rule out these hypotheses.

If it proves to be particles that come from Sgr A astronomers would learn more about magnetic fields in a zone that is highly chaotic. Seeing a cosmic string is a discovery that is profound and it is one that tells astronomers a great deal about the nature of the Universe and even its origins.

Miller Goss from the NRAO said that they will keep on hunting until they find an explanation that is solid for the structure and they want to take images that reveal even more in the near future.


The Truth About Two Fighter Jets Chasing A UFO In Williamtown

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In 1983, Geoff Masters and his son saw a UFO being chased by jets in the sky near his house. He said that the chase lasted for at least 10 minutes. The UFO escaped the army and the jets came back to the Williamtown base empty handed. The event took place at Williamtown in Autralia. The UFO changed position at his will almost instantaneously to evade his chasers.
Why are talking about this today?

Because in 2012, the “Newcastle Herald” reported some secrets about UFO including that particular event over the Williamtown’s sky.

In mascot, there were some radar contacts on screens. Some senior employees there said that those flyings objects traveled between 1100 kmh and 6500 kms and at about 70 to 150 nautical miles near Sydney. As a matter of fact, let us keep in mind that Port Stephens, is around that distance from Sydney at about 80 miles.

Geoff said that he saw, again, some UFO at Amberley RAAF Base in Queensland on the same night that the Williamtown event. He is sure that it’s the same UFO. He said that the speed that he saw the UFO traveling would corroborate the fact that the same UFO would have been seen at Amberley RAAF Base minutes after it was at Williamtown.

Again, Geoff with another sighting. He saw a UFO that he described being like an orange ball, near Norah Head Lighthouse in 1962 or 1963. He saw the flying object while being on a fishing adventure with his friend. He said the flying vehicle was about 100 meter in diameter and emits some strange beam into the water. The beam stayed there some minutes then disappears. The object then started to move very slowly only to, seconds after, disappear in the sky.

Geoff saw a lot of things in his life, all of it were with UFO related. You just have to wonder if you can trust someone’s only parole with no one to corroborate his saying.


“Flying Ship” Found Under The Great Pyramid?

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The Solar Ship.
Many precious artefacts have been recovered within Egypt over the years, many ancient Egyptian tombs found intact, untouched for millennia, still containing the valuable items left for their kings, with the intention of their beloved pharaohs use, in their passage to the afterlife.
And with the mountains of gold and glistening jewels which have captured the attention, and the hearts, of those who have explored these ancient archives. Allot of the most astounding relics go largely unnoticed.

The Solar boat could be seen as a particularly good example of this mass overlooking of the most interesting of things.
At the foot of the great pyramid, once beneath several multi ton, precisely placed blocks of limestone, lay the Khufu ship.
A full sized Ancient Egyptian vessel, sealed into a pit over 4000 years ago.
Why is more not heard regarding this astonishing find?
Strongly believed to have been built for Khufu, King Cheops, who was the second pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom of Egypt.

The ship is now preserved in the Giza Solar boat museum built at the site in 1985, it is completely dedicated to the preservation the boat, possessing state of the art preservation technologies.
Khufu’s ship is one of the oldest, largest, and best-preserved vessels from antiquity.
It measures 44 m long and 6 m wide.

It is also acknowledged as the world’s oldest intact ship, and has been described by all in the now as “a masterpiece of woodcraft” it could sail today if put into water,
However, what is clearly the most amazing fact regarding the solar ship,,, the vessel was never intended to sail on water, the solar boat was built to sail through the air.

Source: Mystery History | YouTube

Aliens Threatening to Blow up the Sun if Humans do not agree to meet their demands

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Inhabitants of other planets may send us “contaminated” messages to “hack” the human communications media.

At least, it is about this possibility that warns the study of American astrophysicists Michael Hippke and John G. Learned, published on the website

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence, SETI, projects aim to search for life on other planets through the use of advanced antennas and computers that analyze electromagnetic signals of extraterrestrial origin.

In addition, scientists seek to emit and receive encoded messages from outer space

According to the study, extraterrestrials could send messages to communication systems containing malicious code.
For example, threatening to blow up the Sun if humans do not agree to meet their demands.

According to experts, SETI projects or personal computers run the risk of being infected by a trojan or malware that could give access to personal data and the operating system to a planet level hacker the researchers concluded:
We can only choose to destroy an extraterrestrial message or take the risk!


YouTube | Paranormal Crucible

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