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Frederick Valentich Mysteriously Disappeared After Seeing Something In The Sky

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Frederick Valentich mysteriously disappeared after seeing ‘something’ in the sky.

We take a look at the mysterious disappearance of Frederick Valentich.

On the night of the 21st of October 1978 Frederick Valentich mysterious disappeared.

It’s one of the biggest mysteries involving a human and a UFO During the incident…


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On the Brink of Anunnaki New World Order

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In the short term, the Anunnaki slave masters will no longer hide behind invisibility technology and remain behind the scenes,

nor will they worry about making good impressions on people or personal-relation issues.

In the long term, it will be all out slavery, with the humans who survive the onslaught being subjected to masters as never before.


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This Weekend The Andromeda Galaxy Will Be Visible To The Naked Eye

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The Andromeda Galaxy will be the most incredible thing you see this weekend

Anyone who ventures out into their backyard at the weekend will be greeted with the most incredible thing they could possibly see, the Andromeda Galaxy.

The Andromeda Galaxy Is Stunning and Easy To Find
At about 20: 30 p.m EST what is one of the farthest objects away that is visible to the naked eye, the Andromeda Galaxy will be visible. However, you are going to have to know in which direction to look.

On saying this, it is easier to find the Andromeda Galaxy than some of the other major galaxies in the Local Group. Finding these is much more difficult to the average person. Luckily the start of fall is the perfect time to get a glimpse of one of the most stunning galaxies out there.

The Andromeda Galaxy is the one that has been photographed many times by NASA with photographs being posted online. However, this weekend provides people with the perfect chance to see it with their very own eyes and it is well worth capturing a glimpse of it.

Locating the Andromeda Galaxy
To find the Andromeda Galaxy look towards the east where it will be rising in the sky just after dusk sets it. An easy way to locate it is to get to know the two constellations that lie to either side of it, these are Cassiopeia and Pegasus. Looking to the east the Great Square of Pegasus should be above the horizon in a type of diamond pattern.

It will have four stars that are very bright, with the furthest to the left being Alperatz, which takes around 97 light years to reach. Turn north-east and the Cassiopeia constellation should be there in a W shape. Look at the V shape on the right-hand side which will be nearer to the Great Square. The shape should be pointing directly at the Andromeda Galaxy.

If the sky is particular dark with not a great deal of artificial light, finding the galaxy is easier. In this instance, it is usually possible to see it with the naked eye.

What is amazing is that the Andromeda Galaxy is heading towards Earth at 250,000 miles each second. This means it will take over the whole of the night sky eventually, but this is something that will not occur for 3.75 billion years.

The Andromeda Galaxy is 2,538,000 Light Years from Earth
There are an estimated two trillion galaxies out there in the universe but the Andromeda Galaxy is the easiest to see not to mention the most stunning of all the galaxies.

It is the closest major spiral galaxy to the Milky Way galaxy, yet it is a distance of 2,538,000 light years away from the Earth. If anyone were traveling to the Andromeda Galaxy it would take 2.5 million years to reach it, providing, of course, people were even able to travel at the speed of light.

The Andromeda Galaxy is very much like our own galaxy. It has been used as a reference point for astronomers who study the Milky Way. The Andromeda Galaxy offers people the opportunity to be able to see their own galaxy in its entire entirety, which is something that cannot be done with the Milky Way due to the fact we are in it.

As people cannot travel at the speed of light nor last 2.5 million years to do so, the weekend provides the best chance to see the Andromeda Galaxy as close-up as they will ever get. Anyone who doesn’t own a telescope should not be downhearted as the galaxy can also be seen, albeit not as up-close and personal, using a cheap pair of binoculars or even with the naked eye.


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Photos sent back by Curiosity show what looks like an armored alien soldier keeping an eye on the curious Rover. Is NASA under surveillance?

While searching through NASA images captured by the SUV-sized explorer, the owner of YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible made a strange discovery that could constitute yet another piece of evidence towards proving Martian life exists. Or once existed.

Sitting amid the dust and boulders on the Martian surface was a figure eerily reminiscent of a buff warrior wearing combat armor and holding what looks like a gun. An alien soldier perhaps?
The weird appearance doesn’t appear to be a living creature but rather a stone sculpture that has somehow managed to stand the red planet’s harsh test of time.

If this is a statue indeed, it was definitely meant to represent something. The menacing look and defiant stance attest to its possible warlike character. That would be quite fitting.

In Roman mythology, Mars was the god of war and the Solar System’s fourth planet was named after him. Seeing Mars in the sky was considered an omen and its apparition often foretold conflict.

Did the ancients know something about Mars, something that was lost over time? Or was the naming just a coincidence?
“This intriguing object looks artificial in nature and in my opinion is an ancient statuette,” the video description reads.

“The odd thing about this one is that it does resemble an alien grey or possibly an insect type species of alien.”
This discovery has given rise to much dissension between alien enthusiasts and skeptics, with one side claiming proof of ancient aliens on Mars has been found and the other invoking the pareidolia pretext.

Pareidolia refers to a psychological phenomenon where the human mind is somewhat tricked by the sensory input it receives and ends up seeing familiar shapes where there aren’t any.
Whenever you look at clouds, for example and you see faces, animals or object, pareidolia is hard at work.
When it comes to rocks, the pareidolia phenomenon becomes even more explicit and there’s even a name for it: mimetoliths.

Rocks that have become weathered through erosion and the passing of time often come to resemble faces. The more complex the rock, the greater the chance of seeing a face hidden amid its features. These types of rocks are referred to as mimetoliths, or rocks that mimic.

Could this phenomenon account for the numerous sightings of controversial figures and forms on Mars? Or is this just what they would want us to believe? Are the particularities of the human mind being used against those searching for evidence that we are not alone?

UFO enthusiasts are convinced this is the case and there really are things we can’t explain on Mars, the Moon and possibly the rest of outer space.

As always, UFO expert Scott Waring expressed his views on the matter.
“It’s a bipedal species that has a uniform on,” he wrote on his alien-centered blog. “The alien soldier is wearing a suit and carrying some weapon of sorts. The important question is, is it a statue, or was this person petrified (turned to stone) by a gruesome, yet powerful weapon?”

Wow, now that compounds the mystery. It’s one (major)or thing to find evidence of ancient inhabitants in a planet’s distant past in the form of art or artistic depictions such as statues.
But discovering the petrified remains of an ancient warrior forever locked in combat position would be something different altogether.

His stance would seem to suggest he was ready for something when a cataclysmic event, a Martian Pompeii of sorts froze him in the posture we now see.
Going further along this scenario opens up a majestic can of worms filled with largely unanswerable questions.
Was this the result of a cataclysmic but natural event? If so, did it completely wipe out the martians?

Another possibility would be the activation of a horrific weapon capable of petrifying all those it was aimed at. Does this bring to mind yet another ancient myth? Remember the ancient Greeks’ Medusa? Was she of Martian descent? Was she a metaphor for a weapon?

A civilization capable of building such a weapon would certainly be much more advanced than we are today. Its members would probably enjoy amenities far superior to those savored by even the most elitist of earthlings.

Space travel wouldn’t pose a problem so we could expect that civilization to have visited Earth when they were still around. But the question is: were there humans on earth at that time?

If the answer to this question is yes, it would certainly suggest the ancient gods were flesh-and-bon creatures, the only difference between them and their worshippers being the technological level their culture had reached.

The ancient astronaut concept is definitely not alien to alien enthusiasts so this hypothesis keeps its traction with conspiracy and UFO advocacy groups.

In the end, there is no way we can find the truth behind the strange things photographed on Mars save for traveling there and inspecting them ourselves. NASA does not support the alien hypothesis, claiming they are all just rocks. Maybe SpaceX will be more transparent in their disclosures but we still need to wait a few decades until they get there.
In the meantime, we can speculate, so speculate we will.



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The First Human Clone Was Born In 1976

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In 1978, David Rorvik, a medical journalist who worked for the New York Times and Time magazine, wrote a book called “In His Image: The Cloning of Man . ”

In the book, Rorvik claimed that a human clone had just been born. Everyone believed the story.

After all, it was a text written by a known and credible journalist, and published by a well-known editorial in the field of medicine.

However, the scientific community was not so gullible.


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Inner Earth Civilizations Exist and I Can Prove It: Agartha & Hollow Earth

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The word “Agartha” is of Buddhist origin. True Buddhists fervently believe in this subterranean empire, which they say has millions of inhabitants and many cities, including the capital Shamballah, where a Supreme Ruler dwells.

They believe the Dalai Lama is his terrestrial representative, and his messages are transmitted to the lamas for thousands of years, These terrestrial inhabitants have lived here, sheltering humanity after terrestrial cataclysms..

The Russian artist, philosopher, and explorer, Nicolas Roerich, published that a Tibetan lama revealed the capital of Tibet was connected by a tunnel with Shamballah, the heart of the Subterranean empire of Aghartha.

And that the entrance of this tunnel was guarded by lamas who were sworn to keep its actual whereabouts a secret from outsiders those who are led through this underground passage travel deep into the earth through areas where it becomes so narrow, it can be difficult to pass through.


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Japan Has Successfully Landed TWO Rovers On The Surface Of Asteroid Ryugu

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A Japanese space probe Friday released a pair of exploring rovers towards an egg-shaped asteroid to collect mineral samples that may shed light on the origin of the solar system.

The country is the first to successfully land rovers on an asteroid’s surface. The Hayabusa-2 spacecraft set out on its mission to the 3,000-foot-wide Ryugu asteroid in 2014 and finaly arrived in June this year.

Two of the the mission’s four rovers were deployed from the Hayabusa-2, touching down on the asteroid today. The seven-inch-wide devices will be hopping around the space rock to take photos and temperature readings of Ryugu.

Next month, Hayabusa2 will deploy an “impactor” that will explode above the asteroid, shooting a two-kilo (four-pound) copper object into the surface to blast a crater a few metres in diameter.

Over the next year, two larger landers will also be released onto the asteroid to collect data and rock samples. The Hayabusa-2 will then depart in December 2019, bringing the rocks back to Earth for researchers to study.

“If we find water and organics are similar to that on Earth, it will be evidence that space rocks like Ryugu are how we all began,” Elizabeth Tasker of Japan’s aerospace agency told New Scientist.


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A huge UFO interacted with the Sun to avoid a powerful Solar Storm directed to Earth!

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A huge “extraterrestrial object” interacted with the Sun to avoid a powerful “Solar Storm” (or Solar Flare) directed to Earth!

NASA as they watched the scene unfolding in front of the Sun, thanks to images received from space probes

SOHO made the decision to close the six solar observatories around the world, so that no one witnessed what was happening.


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Noahs Flood and Catastrophic Plate Tectonics

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Noah’s flood occurred just thousands of years ago and wiped out all terrestrial life on earth, save just thousands of animal “kinds” and 8 people on the Ark.

Catastrophic rifting resulted in cycling tsunamis that brought water and sediment onto land and resulted in the movement of the continents to their position today.


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What If the Sun Disappeared Right Now

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The Sun is the closest star to Earth. Only thanks to the Sun life, as we know it today, exists. Plants convert solar energy into chemical energy, they give us oxygen to breathe, and so you can go the beach and have a sunbath.

Just imagine our planet, all frozen, traveling through the Universe for billions of years, still conserving what is left of life before the Sun «left» us.

Maybe one day it would come close enough to a different star and get into its gravitational pull and star orbiting around it. In this case, the ice would melt, and the planet would heat so those microbes would have a chance to evolve into other types of life.

But in such conditions, the chances that humans would appear as a result of this evolution are slightly bigger than zero.


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