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Hidden in Plain Sight: The Lost City of Atlantis

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Full video is at the end of the article. Scroll down.

The lost city of Atlantis exists. The real place was in front of us and we haven’t seen it for thousands of years because we looked in the wrong places.

Since everyone assumes that it must be under the ocean somewhere, such as in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea, which have long been considered to be the most likely places for its existence.

And no, I am not about to suggest that Antarctica is the hidden location of Atlantis, either.

This video connects the dots from different scientific sources with a sensational result.

I really like this hypothesis. Makes a lot of sense.

Rare 9/11 Footage Shows WTC’s Center Core Turning From Steel To Dust

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Full video is at the end of the article. Scroll down.

Crisp edges, then it wobbles without dust coming off it. Then as it’s falling you can see it turning from solid steel to dust. If dust was already on this spire why didn’t it appear during the wobble?


Here’s another angle of the collapse showing the exposed center core remaining and then it disappeared:

via Gfycat

I don’t remember Popular Mechanics debunking this, but I’ve seen others say, “Well, we don’t know for sure what caused this phenomenon….so….”

I believe Dr. Judy Wood calls this “dustification.” What could have caused this?

10 Possible EVIDENCE OF TIME TRAVEL Throughout History

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Full video is at the end of the article. Scroll down.

The notion of time travel has always fascinated people, usually popularised in movies, tv shows and books.

We are fixated on the events of the past, and sometimes question for example if killing baby Hitler would have changed the course of world history for the better.

But what if time travel isn’t fiction? Today we’ll be showcasing what could possibly be real life evidence of time travel. These are 10 counts of possible Evidence of Time Travel Throughout History that just might change your mind, if they are not time travellers,you must admit that some …… are downright spooky.


Source: Weird World

Thank you for watching!

The Alaskan mound graveyard of gigantic human remains

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A well-known American zoologist, Ivan T. Sanderson, told a peculiar story about a letter he accepted from Alan Makshir, an engineer assigned on the Aleutian Island of Shemya during World War II.

During the construction of a landing field, his working crew demolished a group of hills and apparently, underneath some sedimentary layers, they found human remains. The Alaskan heap was actually a burial ground of enormous human remains that included skulls and log leg bones.

The skull was around 22 inches from base to crown and 11 inches wide. A common adult’s skull measures about 8 inches from back to front, thus, this implies such a large cranium belonged to an immense creature.

The ancient titans had a double row of teeth and unduly flatheads.
Moreover, every skull had an accurate cut hole in its upper part, which is part of the process called trepanning. The tradition of compressing the skull of an infant in order for it to grow in an elongated shape was a usual procedure for the ancient Peruvians, the Mayas, and the Flathead Indians of Montana.

Mr. Sanderson made effort to collect additional evidence when he later received another letter which confirmed his doubts. Both letters suggested that the Smithsonian Institution gathered the mysterious remains but nothing further was explained.

Sanderson is sure this Institution has the evidence in their hands but he is curious why they don’t publish their information. He asked: “Is it that these people cannot face rewriting all the textbooks?”

The True Age Of The Great Pyramids Is Seriously Disturbing

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The evidence at Giza just keeps stacking up. The dynastic Egyptian most likely didn’t build the pyramids and they most definitely did not build the sphinx which has suffered severe water erosion.

The water erosion evident is estimated by experienced geologists to have taken several thousands of years of rain, thereby placing the sphinx somewhere in the last tropical age of Egypt, or possibly further back than that. The sphinx is insanely ancient and that can be proven.



Gigantic 3000 Mile Wide UFO Disc Filmed From Space Station

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A massive 3000-mile wide disc was caught in a NASA slide above the earth and nobody knows exactly what it is. The image was taken from the ISS and was first shown at a Brasilia Planetarium Presentation in 2013. The question has been asked, ” Is it an alien mothership or a planetary defense shield?” I think it is very interesting that they discovered so big and that nobody knows what it is.


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