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Ex-military unveils a sinister extraterrestrial prison hidden by elites

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Full video is at the end of the article. Scroll down.

Just a year ago, a former member of the United States Air Force surprised with a shocking revelation,

which points to the existence of a military base that houses an extraterrestrial prison,

for the aliens who survived the Roswell incident in 1947.


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Strange disk found 6 km from an unknown base in Antarctica

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Full video is at the end of the article. Scroll down.

Two interesting objects in the middle of nowhere in Antarctica.

First object seems to be a structure/base (50 x 30 meters) and the second object is a circular object with a diameter of 30 meters.

The distance between the UFO disk and the base is just 6 km.

Why they have built a base in such remote area and the circular object could be a crashed UFO?

The crashed disk is part of a secret project and the test/operation is guided from that base or the UFO disk is extraterrestrial and the base has been set up to investigate the UFO?

Structure – Base 76°14’23.26″S 112° 3’11.90″W
UFO Disk 76°17’13.24″S 112° 9’46.32″W


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The Denver Airport Conspiracy – A Secret New World Order Bunker?

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The Denver Airport Conspiracy… from the massive network of underground tunnels to the creepy murals in one of the terminals; the infamous airport is certainly hiding a big secret somewhere- but what is it? Today, we look at everything; from the mysterious origin of the airport itself, all the way to the hidden messages and cryptic codes that have been merged in paintings, plaques and sculptures.

Denver Airport’s conspiracy that the New World Order are preparing the bunker for use during an apocalypse remains one of the most likely conspiracy theories of the modern age to hold water, with so much to back up the claims that foul play, elitism and ulterior motives were behind the airport’s seemingly unnecessary construction.

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WHY Was This Solar Observatory EVACUATED By The FBI?! & Strange UFOs filmed 9/13/2018

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Full video is at the end of the article. Scroll down.

In this video we examine 3 UFO sightings all from 2018 and the first of which was shared by our friend UFO MAN and shows two rectangular UFOs similar to the Pentagon UFO footage. After that we have a multi-colored orb UFO followed by a blue orb UFO. Afterwards we get into the main topic of this video which is the news surrounding the Sunspot National Solar Observatory which has recently been shut down by the FBI without a reason given.

Is it possible they captured images of a UFO or something similar that caused the government to want to shut this solar observatory in New Mexico down? The sheriff and all local officials are confused as to why the FBI has the observatory locked down and evacuated and the reason given was very vague only stating it was for security reasons.

The Sunspot Observatory must have found something huge. The military seems to now be involved as well with Stealth Blackhawk Helicopters now being seen at the observatory along with special work crews. Anthing is possible and speculations range from solar flares, UFOs, all the way to physical ET visitation.

The footage found here is shocking to say the least and disclosure needs to come. Our government has leaked and continues to leak classified information on the alien phenomenon and our military is working on a space force to protect our army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, and marines secrets and their involvement with aliens and UFOs.

Our military In regards to all these UFO sightings it is possible this is something military maybe Air Force , Army , NAVY , Coast Guard ,etc. I just have a feeling this unknown object is something ET . FYI Rumors stemming from the Pentagon UFO footage leak say that a NASA employee has handed over two pieces of classified UFO footage that NASA found strange and will not be recorded in FLIR thermal like the AATIP footage was.

Is the government and the Air Force covering up UFOs? What does the United States government know? This government cover-up needs to end. The evidence is amazing and pointing to someone in the shadows pulling the strings. We need to band together and truly fight for answers to the UFO phenomenon and end this government cover up forever.

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Human RFID chips won’t be optional and they will change the very essence of what it is to be human

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Full video is at the end of the article. Scroll down.

Human Microchips To Be Forced on Society? Sociology Professor Noelle Chesley paints a disturbing image, claiming that Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) chips will be mandatory for everyone at some point in the future. It may eventually become standard practice to insert a chip into an infant along with the first vaccination.

Are RFID Chips the “Mark of the Beast”?
Already there are many concerns regarding the safety and possible downsides of using these chips. Some fear they will be used by the government or even by unwanted people to spy on one as they will be GPS active and a person’s movements can be monitored. Some believe as these chips could be used to make purchases that financial security is an issue.

Other concerns include that private information might be compromised, infections (bacterial and of the computer variety) might occur and that people may already be tagged with these devices without their knowledge or consent. More extreme concerns include the religious notion that these chips are straight from revelation and could be considered “Mark of the Beast” or are part of the theory that the Illuminati, the secret body that governs the population, is using these chips to keep an eye on people and maintain control.

Whatever the downside, it does not negate the upside in the form of convenience towards having these chips installed. They can open doors, pay for things, unlock and start your car, give parents information about their children’s whereabouts, and send helpful medical data to healthcare professionals. This can prove useful in emergency situations when immediate care is required or in diagnosing a condition.

Speaking for the positive side of these devices, Cybernetics Professor Mark Gasson points out that human beings are already in the position of using devices such as their phones and computers as a necessity a chip is the next step. He believes those who do not get one will be at a “disadvantage.”

The pros and cons of these chips aside, it is disturbing that RFID’s may become too necessary to be without and that workplaces may be allowed at some point in time to deny a job to worker who refuses to have one installed. The ethical implications are still being examined.

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AREA 51 UFO Whistleblower Bob Lazar Shows off his “Water Powered Car”

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Full video is at the end of the article. Scroll down.

Bob Lazar is the man who opened up and spoke about the secret military base Area 51 decades ago. He said that he worked at the military facility that had top-level security clearance and he talked about classified military secrets along with secret technology and was ridiculed. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why those in charge were not afraid or workers speaking up as they would not be believed.

Whistle Blowing Is More Frequent Today Than Decades Ago

Today there seems to be lot more whistleblowing than there was decades ago. Today many hundreds of political personnel and high ranking ex-military personnel have opened up and spoken about experiences with UFOs. UFOs are today classed as something that is official as the Pentagon revealed a video of a UFO that undertook a maneuver that no known aircraft possibly could.

UFOs are also a topic of conversation that has become popular in academic circles and research articles that have been reviewed by peers have come to the surface and given hints about artificial surface interventions on other planets in the solar system, such as Mars and the Moon.

Lazar Claimed To Work On Reverse Engineering Alien Technology At Area 51
Bob Lazar talked about working on reverse engineering alien technology when he worked at a site with the name of S-4, which he said was close to the facility known as Area 51. He spoke up about extra-terrestrials and about how there are multiple groups, with some groups having contact with governments around the globe.

Lazar said that he had talked with Hungarian-American theoretical physicist, Edward Teller, who was called the father of the hydrogen bomb. Hermann Oberth, a founding father of modern rockets, also spoke about UFOs and said that flying saucers were real and driven by intelligent observers who were members of a race that perhaps had been investigating Earth for many centuries.

Lazar said that he had met up with Teller during a conference and had a brief talk. Lazar had sent a resume asking for a job, and Teller had spoken to him over the phone saying he was no longer active and only functioned as a consultant. The name of contact was given, and after making the call, things went on from there. Teller had been asked if he knew Lazar, but he would not answer.

UFOs And Aliens Taken More Seriously Today
Today it is a lot easier to take Lazar seriously when taking into account the information that has come out that corroborates his story and the story never wavered from the time that he began telling it. Lazar runs a business with the name of United Nuclear, and he maintains the availability of scientific supplies, equipment and chemicals to the public along with learning institutions. Along with making scientific supplies that are basic, the company also offers products that are difficult to find along with science-related products that are unusual and rare.

In a recent video, Lazar showed off what he called his water powered car. However, Lazar said that a car could not use water for fuel, but it can be used as source material. He went on to explain that electricity could be run through it and it then breaks down into hydrogen along with oxygen and then the hydrogen may be burnt.

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Time Travelers Brought 10 Alien Videos From Future & We Cannot Explain Any Of Them

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Full video is at the end of the article. Scroll down.

We found this interesting video and I sad that you might be interested.
The narrator is presenting a series of videos from the future.
Below you see the transcript. And scroll down for video.

Video of Chicago Year 2040.

Next one is San Francisco Year 2020: As you will see, Sales force Tower is complete. Now if you look at it you can see 2 cranes still building it. Also see San Francisco bay full of giant container ship and one is collided with the other giant ship and burning – such events has yet to happen.

Next is Minneapolis year 2030 – most of the energy produced by city landscapes.

Houston year 2040 – Star Trek Enterprise is built in reality. Now we need your help telling what we are seeing in another 10 different videos from the future.

But first, few months ago on September 9, 2017 we told you that Hurricane will hit cities of New Orleans and Gulfport .

The video link is link above – or simply scroll down our channel to September 9 Video called. FEMA is wrong: Hurricane Is To Hit New Orleans. You were laughing because Hurricane Irma hit Tampa in Florida and said that well finally great Igor Kryan was dead wrong. Look who is laughing now when hurricane Nate bearing down on New Orleans and Gulfport.

It’s certainly not me, because every single prediction we made on YouTube came true (Brexit, Trump victory, Macron Victory, Texas underwater, Mexico Earthquake) and what we seen for the coming months is far worse than happened so far. Honestly, I was relived when I thought I wrong about the city the Hurricane hit.

And I was thinking if we wrong with New Orleans and Gulfport than when we wrong with other things. Yet, it turned out I was 100% right. How is this possible? Here is how: We have a chronosphere as I told you before and we can not only see the future but make video recording of the future.

I need your help explaining these 10 videos.

One, we have recorded bay between Oakland and San Francisco in the nearest future – but we cannot tell what in the world is going on there.

Two, it seems like strange dressed black prophet arrived from space ship in 2020s.

Three, the monument with skulls underwater and bronze eagle girl on top. The sign reads: All Knew Its Coming. Made in the USA.

Four, something huge spiraling out of North Sky in a very strange way. We have predicted that International Space Station would fall, but this is something very different.

Five, very strange huge alien looking machine that called human programming device.

Six, it seems like a giant hand rising over the sun and we also cannot tell what atmospheric phenomena we are seeing.

Seven, another monument over green water with a circle filled with diamonds hundreds of feet tall that reads: Mind over Matter.

Eight, All we heard someone saying this trinity event occurring over Pacific ocean.

Nine, Unknown giant beacon.

Ten, entire city in panic over strangest sky phenomena ever.
We hope you can explain these 10 strangest videos from the future.

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Man Claims To Have A Photo From The Year 5000

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Full video is at the end of the article. Scroll down.

Recently, the YouTube channel ApexTV released a video of a man showing what he claims to be an actual photograph from the year 5000.

The man’s name in the video is Edward, and he says he was part of a top secret experiment in 2004 in which he was granted the opportunity to travel in time. He accepted and supposedly went to the year 5000.

It’s funny because we recently wrote about a guy who traveled back in our time, from year 2050, and another guy from year 8000. What strikes us is that these time travel occurrences are increasing in frequency (or popularity) and again, just like with the UFOs, the more it’s gaining popularity and the masses start to believe, the harder it is to distinguish between what is fake and what is not.

The recipe is here: just claim you traveled from whatever distant or not too distant year, in the future, blur your face and lower the pitch of your voice. Also, don’t forget to provide with dystopian details of the future society. Like in the video below, in the year 5000, USA still exists (which could not be more satisfying to hear) – but if you look at Earth’s recent history, nations were built and collapsed in a mere fraction of the 3000 year span.

Nonetheless, getting back to Edward, he says that while in the future, he snapped a photo of Los Angeles completely submerged in water.

What do you think? Is Edward an actual time traveler?


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