Something BIG Just Hit The Ocean – And NASA Is Looking For It

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The topic of this article is something big, and despite what NASA and some other people are calling it, we don’t have an actual proof of what it is yet, of what they are calling “a golf cart sized meteorite” that has just crashed down into the ocean and that they are now hunting for, and NASA has gotten involved.

So according to this report on July 2nd, the exploration vessel Nautilus will attempt to locate and recover fragments of a quote “rare large meteorite fall” that was recently observed in NOAA s Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary off the coast of Washington.

Residents of Ocean Shores Washington were startled on the evening of March 7th, when a bright flash lit up the sky and a tremendous boom rattled the sleepy seaside town.

A local resident by the name of Brittany Bryson told The Seattle Times quote “we all thought it was a spaceship”.

So according to scientists and NASA, as well as the Smithsonian who have now gotten involved, well it wasn’t a spaceship but it was definitely a visitor from outer space. From analysis of radar signals they have concluded that it was a meteorite about the size of a golf cart that broke apart and splashed down into the ocean about 16 miles off the coast.

Approximately two tons of fragments are likely scattered over a half mile of sea floor. And this object, they’re saying it’s a meteorite, but you know there’s a lot of speculation that the only reason that they have actually had to come out and admit or at least come up with a cover story of what this could be is, because it was too big of an event and too many people of the public saw it happen.

And of course, we had the massive flash of light, houses rumbling, shaking, there are a ton of videos about this, and so they had to come out and admit that something happened off the coast… and it’s also been said that whatever this object was again assuming it’s a meteor that it is easily “the biggest recorded meteor fall in the United States in 21 years” .


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